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The SpineCare Medical Group is a multidisciplinary team of internationally recognized physicians and surgeons who have dedicated their careers to the treatment of patients with spinal disorders.

Our doctors work together to provide the most complete, state of the art and compassionate care for patients with conditions of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Established over 25 years ago, the SpineCare Medical Group is Northern California’s most trusted resource for patients with pain and disability due to degeneration, trauma, deformity, infection or cancer of the spine.

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  • SpineCare
  • Paul Slosar, Jr., MD
  • James B. Reynolds, MD
  • Noel Goldthwaite, MD
  • Franklin Terry, MD
  • Bertagnolli, MD
  • Jerome Schofferman, MD
  • Ray Oshtory, MD
"The entire SpineCare staff was outstanding, friendly and professional which made going through such a difficult time much easier."
"Before you, Dr. Slosar, I thought I would always have terrible back pain. You have changed my life"
"I am so happy. Yesterday I rode my mountain bike for the first time since the accident. It’s like being a kid again. Dr. Slosar and Dr. Bertagnolli, you’ve given me back my life."
"I’m always asked about my back and I tell them not to sit around and say it will get better. Do something about it. Go see Dr. Slosar!"
"Had I known what it would feel like to be pain-free, I would have done it in a minute!"


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